How to apply/remove Wally Carbon & Wally Scribble

Wally Carbon decal application video


Wally Scribble chalkboard application video



Wally Carbon/Wally Scribble removal steps


You will need: A hairdryer

Step by Step

  1. If the decal is too firmly stick on the wall then don't try to take it off forcefully. Turn on your hairdryer at the lowest setting to begin with.
    Start with a small section of the decal, holding the hairdryer between 5 to  inches away from the wall/surface, and test the temperature of the surface with your hand every few second till it feels warm to the touch.
  2. Now gently peel back a corner of the sticker. It should come easily away from the wall; if it doesn’t, bring the hairdryer back for a few more seconds and try again.
  3. Continue peeling the decal off the wall, applying the heat from the hairdryer to each section as needed. Work slowly, especially if you want  to remove wall quote decals which are likely to have a more complex shape or design.
  4. You should find that your wall stickers come off without a trace, but if there is any residue you can gently clean it off with a damp cloth.





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