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This is not at all! We have many products in the road map to enthrall you to the core. We will keep you updated about the latest releases.


an innovative way to pronounce your name, Stikels are labels and stickers creatively crafted to add a bit of you to your belongings. Stikels are a result of varied choices of different beings, different perspectives, and a unique definition that they want to give to everything they own. So go ahead and stick in style. Many more designs on the way!

Wally Scribble
chalkboard decal into so many amazing designs and personalized name and quote, explore the whole collection. Jot down your daily tasks or thoughts.

Wally Carbon
these decals covering many celebrities, designs, mandala arts are of a different class.

Pixelate your hundreds (or even thousands) of memories into one jaw-dropping art piece.

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